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    Close to the central market of Tinos and the Church of Virgin Mary.

Who we are

Byzantio Hotels Tinos is a private family – owned company specializing in tourism accommodation services in Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece. Our aim is to make your holidays unforgettable with exceptional service and hospitality excellence in a personal, friendly and warm environment. Byzantio City Hotel, is a historic hotel at Tinos town. Here, we promise a dream holiday experience in a tranquil environment while gaze the Aegean waters and Tinos town. Byzantio City Hotel Tinos consists of twenty eight rooms and accommodates its guests all year around with immaculate professionalism in a warm and friendly environment for them who prefer being close to the city center, the port and the church. Our years of experience, fame, commitment to quality and the variety of choices will make your holidays last for a lifetime.

The wild beauty of Tinos

If you’re looking for mass tourism and crowded beaches, then this destination is not for you.

Tinos is an island for those who appreciate the old ways and lifestyle of the islanders, the authentic picturesque villages that one hopes to find on a Greek island, and the simple Greek cuisine that Greece itself is famous for.

Here on Tinos, it’s back to basics.

It’s known widely for its sacred Greek Orthodox pilgrimage site: the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, but the last few years travelers around the world discover that Tinos Island is much more.

Tinos Island is the island of Aeolus, of marble carving and painting, of lively villages and traditional festivals, of gastronomy and the local products, of virgin beaches and pigeon houses, of hospitality and alternative activities. An authentic and elaborate combination of the above makes special this place, leading the visitor to an unpredictable map of experiences and surprises.



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